New Arrivals

"We have recently added many antique and semi-antique pieces." 

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Ersari Ensi

Ersari Ensi #8939,
size 2.4m x 1.85m

Malayer Rug

Malayer #8937,
size 1.95m x 1.1m

Meshkin Runner Rug

Meshkin runner, #8942,
size 3.1m x 1m

Bahtiari Rug

Bahtiari rug, #8912,
size 2.08m x 1.32m

Ersari Kunduz Rug

Ersari Kunduz #8931,
size 2.65m x 2.03m

Caucasian Village Rug

Caucasian Village rug #8933,
size 1.7m x 1.2m

Ersari Runner Rug

Ersari runner #8930,
size 3.03m x .84m

Hosseynabad Runner Rug

Hosseynabad runner #8940,
size 3m x .85m

N-W Persian Runner Rug

N-W Persian runner #8908,
size 4m x 1.16m

Kazak Sewan Wall Art

Kazak Sewan, size 2.07m x 1.51, stock#8886, circa 1880 antique - worn but wonderful wall art

Kuba village Rug

Kuba village rug, size 1.73x1m, stock #8882, genuine antique some repair but exciting piece

Leski (Caucasian) Rug

Leski (Caucasian), size 2.13mx 1.28, stock #8885, collectible antique