New Arrivals

"We have recently added many antique and semi-antique pieces."

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Armenian Runner

Armenian Runner, size 3.1m x 1.08m, stock #8976

Hamadan rug

Hamadan rug, size 1.6m x 90cm, stock #8934

Heriz rug

Heriz rug, size 2.26m x 1.08m, stock #8959

Karaja runner

Karaja runner, size 3.25m x 80cm, stock #8964

Leski rug

Leski rug, size 2.02m x 1.28m, stock #8969

Leski rug

Leski rug, size 1.86m x 1.14m stock #8968

Kurdish Hamadan rug

Kurdish Hamadan rug, size 1.94m x 1.21m, stock #8911

Kurdish runner

Kurdish runner, size 2.833m x 1.01m, stock #8965

Klardasht rug

Klardasht rug, size 2.5m x 2.03m, stock #8967

Bahtiari Rug

Bahtiari rug, #8912,
size 2.08m x 1.32m

Ersari Kunduz Rug

Ersari Kunduz #8931,
size 2.65m x 2.03m

Kuba village Rug

Kuba village rug, size 1.73x1m, stock #8882, genuine antique some repair but exciting piece