Many pieces have been produced specifically as cushions. In addition many are produced from selected old rugs in which time and wear has caused much damage but left fragments well worthy of enjoying in their new cushion form.

A selection made from fragments
of old kilim plus a pair of traditional purposemade cushions.

Effectively an opened bag
hardwearing and colorful.

Traditional Rugs

We specialize in rugs of a "middle age". They may originate in the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey, or any one of many nomadic territories. Sizes vary from tiny pieces (yastiks is the Turkish term) to large dining area rugs in excess of 12 sq meters. A large selection of runners are also available. Although these older rugs are becoming harder to source with each year, we maintain high stock levels. In this range rugs can be modestly priced and can also be investment pieces where history has shown rapid value increases.


An example of medium aged
pieces around 40 - 60 years old but
displaying a platina and a special
lustre which comes only with the
older pieces. Again, our special
area, with many examples to view.

Modern Rugs

A great variety of current production rugs are available throughout the world. Theses vary immensely in quality and we have chosen to stock mainly the top end of quality as we perceive a hand-made rug to have a need to age into a valuable "older rug". We offer Afghani and Indian rugs produced under strict quality controls - we have visited often and observed the preparation of the natural dyes and seen the fine quality of the wool used. These are competitively priced, but will not compete in pricing levels with inferior qualities. We do believe a purchaser should be happy with his purchase for many years.

All sizings are available - a special area being in rugs shaped towards square and also in a large range of runners.


An example, but many variations are readily available. Lengths commonly stocked up to 4m, and widths vary from 60cm to 1.1m.

Kazak Copy

An example of floor rugs available from small door rugs to larger, 6 sq m room sized rugs.


A typical Iranian carpet of around
80 - 100 years old, sized over 3m x
2m and smaller options. Representing great value at this time for an option which will quickly be exhausted by the world demand. Not expensive!

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What We Sell

Talk of Turkey Carpets sells a wide range of traditional rugs and decor pieces. If your requirement is investment value priced decor and functional pieces, or straight decor colour rugs at extremely low prices, we believe Talk of Turkey Carpets can help. We have many rugs from Caucasus, Iran, Turkey and have a special emphasis on tribal pieces from many nomadic territories.
All sizings available.