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Sistan Belouch Bag

Sistan Belouch bag, #8850, size 70cm x 58cm, collectible semi-antique, Price $175

Belouch Rug

Belouch rug #8840, size 1.56m x 97cm, with camel undyed wool, Price $700

Hamadan Rug

Hamadan rug, #8820, size 2.09 x 1.09m Price $975

Belouch rug

Belouch rug, #8785, size 2.17m x 1.1, Price $650

Belouch Turkoman Design

Belouch Turkoman design, #8428,
size 1.84m x 1.3m, price $975

Musul Antique Persian Rug

Musul, antique Persian rug, our stock no #2781, size 2.0m x 1.27m, price $1200

Belouch Rug

Belouch rug, size 1.92 x 1.03m, stock no 8508 Price $525

Genuine Antique Sumac Camel Bag

Genuine antique sumac camel bag,
size 1.43m x 75cm, our stock #8763,
price $1650

Belouch Tribal Rug

Belouch tribal rug, size 2.03m x 82cm, our stock #8842, price $450

Large Moqri kilim

Large Moqri kilim, size 4.65m x 1.9m, our stock #4295, price $500

Antique Kafkas kilim Rug

Antique Kafkas kilim, size 4.1m x 1.86m, our stock #4307, price $1650

Antique Karabag Kilim Rug

Antique Karabag kilim, size 2.66m x 1.68m, our stock #2225, price $1950

Distarkhani kilim rug

Distarkhani kilim, size 2.9m x 90cm, our stock # 8776, price $375

Large striped Belouch Kilim Rug

Large striped Belouch kilim, size 3.7m x 2.15m, our stock #8837, price $825

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